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Wilmington Church Of The Brethren

27 Belmont Avenue, Richardson Park, Wilmington, DE  19804

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Together: Conversations on Being the Church

The Church is called to be a family spiritually connected to God and each other, 
where people are welcomed, accepted, loved and forgiven; where we can grow 
in Christ through Bible-based teaching; where we tap the power of God through 
prayer; where we continue the work of Jesus through service and evangelism; 
where we participate in heartfelt worship and loving fellowship; 
and where we discover and use our gifts for God's glory.


Come Join Us



Worship                     10:30 a.m.


June 12st - September 1st:

Worship                         10:00 a.m.


Bread-And-Cup Communion

Served during worship the first Sunday of each month.



Love  Feast

We wash each otherís feet, enjoy a meal together, and share the bread

and the cup that remind us of Jesusí great gift. It is held on the Thursday

before Easter and the first Sunday evening in October.


  Adult Choir

Shares during Sunday morning worship services.


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