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Wilmington Church Of The Brethren

27 Belmont Avenue, Richardson Park, Wilmington, DE  19804

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Church members are encouraged to minister to the children and to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those in Richardson Park as well

 as in their own communities. We support the

Richardson Park Community Action Program

and other ministries including:  



Food Bank of Delaware

Cup for the Soul Coffee Shop

  Join us on Friday morning at 7:00 a.m.


Meals on Wheels

Emmanuel Dining Room

Richardson Park Community Action Program

FOOD FOR CAP (Community Action Program)
Your food items help  the food pantries of the Community Action Program.  In addition to food, bags of clothing are also needed. 

CAP delivers fresh produce to clients’ homes on a weekly basis. CAP also provides free non-perishable food items to cover meals for an average of 4 days, to those living in need.

To qualify for the Food Closet Program a potential client must:

  • Be a resident living in the CAP service area;
  • Show proof of residency, income, family size and provide copies of documentation in support of their case;
  • Live at or below the poverty line;
  • Show proof of a sustainable income or demonstrate they are able to sustain themselves (and their family) in the future. CAP does not provide ongoing financial support to individuals / families;
  • Demonstrate they had an unforeseen change in their financial situation, as a result of e.g. an unexpected medical bill, funeral etc.;


Continuing the work of Jesus.

Peacefully.  Simply.  Together.

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